Use Cases

Case 1

Dr. Álvaro Lozano-Robledo

Associate Professor Mathematics

Director of the Quantitative Learning Center

Lightboard Configuration: PowerPoint from PC with a Black Screen

Case 2

Dr. Devin Kearns

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Research Scientist, Center for Behavioral Education and Research

NEAG School of Education

Lightboard Configuration: PC PowerPoint with Green Screen

Case 3

Dr. Amit Savkar

Associate Professor in Residence

Department of Mathematics

Assistant Director Faculty Development
Institute of Teaching and Learning

Lightboard Configuration: PC PowerPoint with Green Screen

Case 4

Dr. Laurent Michel

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Lightboard Configuration: Laptop PowerPoint / Software with Black Screen

Case 5

Audrey Silva

UConn Interpreting Services

Center for Students with Disabilities

Lightboard Configuration: PIP - Small Content and no image flip