Month: May 2016

HuskyCT Test Taking Tips

Students using laptopTaking an exam in HuskyCT?  The following guidelines will provide tips to assist in successful test taking while in HuskyCT.


  • Establish a strong internet connection.
  • If in a computer lab, be sure to be logged in with your personal NetID and password on HuskyCT.
  • Use a standard Windows or Mac operating system with a HuskyCT compatible browser. DO NOT use a tablet or phone to take a test.
  • Be sure to allow permission to display mixed content if prompted by a warning message at the bottom of your screen.
  • Turn off third-party browser extensions such as Google or Yahoo toolbars.
  • Allow pop-ups in your browser and clear browser history. Make sure to turn off the pop-up blocker feature within your browser.
  • Limit the number of tabs and programs open while taking a test.
  • Make adjustments to your browser screen size prior to beginning a test.
  • Utilize practice exams posted by your instructor to rule out issues before starting a test.
  • Read any exam instructions your professor has posted to familiarize yourself with the layout of the assessment.


  • Click Begin, Save, Next, and Submit buttons ONLY ONCE.
  • Wait for test questions to fully load before making selections or moving on.
  • When copying text from another program, first paste the text into a simple text editor, then copy/paste in the browser.
  • DO NOT use Back, Forward, Enter or Tab keys to navigate while taking a test.
  • DO NOT resize the window, refresh the page, or close the window while taking a test.
  • DO NOT use the scroll wheel on a mouse to scroll within the test
  • Refrain from clicking within the window aside from buttons, arrows and answer choices.
  • Take note or screenshot any issues or errors encountered during a test to help facilitate diagnosis.

For assistance, contact the ITS Help Center at (860) 486-4357 or