Month: June 2017

Student Access to Unavailable Courses (Prior Terms)

Approximately two weeks after the academic term ends, students will lose access to your course (assuming you have not set a later end date).  Additionally, four weeks after the term ends, student enrollment is set to unavailable (applies to courses where the end date has passed).  This is done to remove those courses from the students view in HuskyCT, which would otherwise be filled with older, inaccessible courses.

There may be times when a student receives an incomplete in your course.  If you choose to re-open the course for a period of time to this student, please follow these steps:

  1. Under Customization -> Properties, set a new desired end date for the course. course-end-date
  2. Next, under Users and Groups -> Users, click the down-arrow next to the student requiring access, then choose Change User’s Availability.  This is only necessary if the student’s Availability is set to No (last column in the roster view has this value).
  3. On the next screen, set the Availability to Yes.

The student(s) will now have access to the course until the end date specified in Step 1.

If you have questions or difficulty granting access to a student, please contact

Please note that if a student contacts HuskyCT (or the ITS Help Center), to re-establish access in a course, we will always confirm with the instructor before making the above changes.