Month: February 2017

Dismissing Notifications

A known issue in HuskyCT may prevent some users from dismissing course notifications in the “What’s New” module on the “My Courses” tab.

notification error message

If you receive an error similar to above when attempting to dismiss notifications, it will be necessary for you to manage notifications using the Global Navigation menu.

The Global Navigation Menu is located at the top right corner of your browser window, where your name is displayed.

global navigation menu

Clicking on the down arrow (to the right of your name) will open the full menu.

global navigation menu full

Next, click on the alarm clock icon to access your updated notifications.

On the “Updates” screen, your list of available notifications will be listed.  From here, you can choose to individually open and/or dismiss pending notifications.

We’ll update this post when HuskyCT has been upgraded to a release that supports dismissing notifications from the “What’s New” module on the “My Courses” tab.