Month: July 2016

Managing HuskyCT Course Enrollments

In HuskyCT, course enrollments are managed automatically by the system.  HuskyCT receives updated enrollment records from the Student Admin System (aka PeopleSoft).  Each time the process runs, newly registered students are enrolled.  Additionally, any student dropping courses are disabled.  The process runs several times throughout the day during the semester.

HuskyCT Enrollment

Student enrollments are updated on the following schedule:

  • Adds/drops processed after 4pm and before midnight are reflected the following morning by 9am*
  • Adds/drops processed between midnight and 3am are reflected the same day by 9am*
  • Adds/drops processed after 3am and before noon are reflected the same day by 1pm
  • Adds/drops processed between noon and 4pm are reflected the same day by 5pm

*Add/drops processed after 4pm on Friday or Saturday are reflected the following day 1pm

There may be times where an instructor needs to enroll a student, teaching assistant, course builder or secondary instructor who is not officially registered in their course.  In these situations, instructors can use the following guide to manually enroll the user(s):

If you are not able to find a NetID in HuskyCT, it may be necessary for your HuskyCT Administrator to create a Guest ID.  To request a Guest ID, please contact

For more information on registering for a course, please visit: