Month: August 2017

Optimizing Course Lists in HuskyCT

After several semesters in HuskyCT, instructors may find their list of courses has become overwhelming.  In this post, we’ll review two common techniques for organizing the “My HuskyCT Classes” list.

To get started, we’ll first need to access the appropriate settings:

  • On the “My Courses” tab, hover your mouse over the “My HuskyCT Classes” module.  This will reveal a Gear icon in the upper right corner of the module box (shown below).
  • Click on the Gear icon to access the settings page (aka Personalization page).

There are two main sections of the settings page which we’ll focus on in this post; Terms and Edit Course List.  The Terms section is used for organizing/grouping HuskyCT courses based on academic terms.  Below is an illustration of how the module displays courses grouped by term.  Note that a toggle is available to expand/collapse all courses grouped within a specified academic term.


The above is accomplished using the following steps:

  • On the module settings page, check the box labeled “Group by Term” (located under the Terms section).
  • All available terms will be listed once the “Group by Term” box is checked.
  • By default, all terms are displayed and the groups fully expanded.  You can optionally choose to deselect specific terms or set them to collapse automatically, by deselecting the appropriate checkbox(s).
  • Click the Submit button when finished.

To further organize the course list, HuskyCT users may elect to hide individual courses altogether or include/exclude additional details (e.g. Course ID, Course Name, Instructor and Announcements).  To do this, follow these steps:

  • Under the section Edit Course List, uncheck the box to the left of each listed course.  This will hide those courses entirely from the course list.  Commonly, instructors choose to do this with child sections of combined courses.
  • The check boxes to the right of course are used to include/exclude additional course information.  Note that enabling any option to the right of the course, will result in the course appearing in the list – even if it was deselected earlier.
  • When finished, click the Submit button.

The “My Non-Class Sites” list can also be organized using the above steps.  The only difference is that some non-class sites do not support academic terms.  Thus, the option for grouping by term is not available.  Still, users can hide non-class sites and/or customize the additional details displayed with the non-class site.


New Site Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Built on the the university Aurora service, this new version of our site sports a modern look, faster loading times, and works on all mobile and tablet devices.