Examsoft is a software for creating, administering, and analyzing assessments. Exams are taken offline while locking access to other applications on the computer. Examsoft also provides an extensive range of reports, and rubrics and iPad apps are available as add-on features.

Note: Currently only the School of Pharmacy has a license to use Examsoft.

Proctor U

ProctorU is an online identity management and proctoring service. Remote proctors are available to assist test takers throughout the assessment and can answer technical or service questions. The service keeps test-data secure by collecting directory information over a secure connection and can accommodate individuals with most disabilities through one-on-one coordination with the university.


Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser used for creating a more secure testing environment.  The custom browser disables features such as print, copy, other websites and other applications.  Instructors can require students to use this site when testing through HuskyCT.


Testing Center

The UConn Testing Center is a 65 computer station lab for faculty to deliver online exams to students. Scheduled exams are closely monitored by UConn proctors.


Test Score Scanning

ITS provides exam scoring of multiple choice exams up to 200 questions and five different versions. Student exams are scored against an answer key provided by the professor. Online and printed reports listing student grades or item analysis are provided.


BYOD Testing

For faculty looking to move away from paper exams or Scantrons, online testing is available through HuskyCT. Online testing can be offered in the classroom or as at-home assessment. For faculty wishing to administer online testing in the classroom (BYOD testing), UConn’s ITS has verified that all lecture classrooms have WiFi capabilities sufficient to support this testing.


Collaborative Learning

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