Recording Technologies

Recording Technologies

360° Video/VR

Faculty can record immersive videos using equipment from CETL. We have a multiple camera setup that can capture your surroundings in 360°. Make an appointment to borrow the equipment or learn more about it at: To see an example of it check out a video from Marine Sciences on our YouTube Channel (you must use Chrome or Firefox to see the video properly)

Equipment Loans

You can request to borrow a camera, tripod, microphone (lavalier), or Microsoft Surface Pro laptop or tablet for instructional purposes.

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Classroom Lecture Recording

Every UConn classroom has lecture recording technology. Many rooms have cameras and livestreaming capabilities as well; visit to see a list of classrooms and their recording capabilities.


Lightboard Recording Studio

The Lightboard Recording Studio uses a special setup that enables presenters to create a video that displays both content they have written or drawn on a glass surface and their face.


Collaborative Learning

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